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Pre Order Police Woman: Complete Second Season DVD

Police Woman: Complete Second Season

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NBC TV series revolved around Sgt. ”Pepper” Anderson (Angie Dickinson), an undercover police officer working for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the LAPD. She reported to Sgt. ”Bill” Crowley (Earl Holliman) and worked together with other undercover team members to solve multiple crimes. In many episodes, Pepper went undercover (as a prostitute, nurse, teacher, flight attendant, etc.) in order to get close enough to the suspects to gain valuable information that would lead to their arrest.

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This review is from: Police Woman: Complete Second Season (DVD)

Sony released Season One of “Police Woman” in 2006 and I thought Season Two would quickly follow since they showed remastered clips from it on their “Ladies Night” promos that appeared on the “Maude” and “Mary Hartman” DVDs, among others. I guess sales weren’t what they’d hoped and I’ve been longing for my Pepper fix for nearly six years! Thankfully, Shout Factory comes through once again, resurrecting this groundbreaking ’70s series from oblivion.

This set will consist of the 24 episodes that aired during the 1975-76 TV season on NBC. I am most looking forward to the segment that features Donna Mills as a crazed woman who put her baby up for adoption, and now will go to any lengths–even murder–to get that baby back. The guest stars this season read like a who’s-who of Hollywood from the ’50s to the ’80s including Erik Estrada, Diane Baker, James Darren, Joan Collins, Joanna Pettet, Gerald McRaney, Amy Irving, Jeannette Nolan and plenty more! The guest stars are the gravy but Angie Dickinson, who’s effortless sexuality oozes out of the screen and reliable Earl Holliman are of course the meat-and-potatoes of the show.

Sometimes gritty, sometimes campy ’70s fun, “Police Woman” is long overdue on DVD and won’t likely be shown on a cable network near you anytime soon. Buy it so we get Seasons 3 and 4 quickly after!

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