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Cheap Discounted Music Bullet As Seen On TV Mini Speakers Plus Review

Music Bullet As Seen On TV Mini Speakers

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  • Music Bullet is a miniature, powerful, rechargeable, and portable speaker
  • It expands for a larger sound and extra kickin’ base.
  • t’ll have crystal clear sound
  • great for any device from MP3 players to computers!
  • Colors may vary*

If you’re frustrated with tangled, uncomfortable headphones of if you feel bad when you can’t share your music with others, then you need As Seen On TV’s Music Bullet. Let’s face it, the built in speaker on most devises are useless because they have no sound or range! Now, you can replace them all with Music Bullet.

The Music Bullet is a miniature, powerful, rechargeable, and portable speaker. It expands for a larger sound and extra kickin’ base. With Music Bullet, you can turn up the volume on your iPod or Smart Phone. Yes, it works as a speakerphone for your cell! You can even turn your iPad into a movie theater! Even your laptop with work with Music Bullet, and it’ll have crystal clear sound! Music Bullet is literally great for any device from MP3 players to computers!

The As Seen On TV infomercial says that Music Bullets are tiny, but they pack a punch of sound! To kick up the base, Music Bullet expands doubling the output. Plus, you can link multiple Music Bullets for a mind blo

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List Price: $ 19.75

Price: $ 19.75


This review is from: Music Bullet As Seen On TV Mini Speakers (Electronics)

All these people who have given this speaker a poor rating need a reality check:

I’m around ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ products everyday and in fact, i’ve used the Music Bullet quite extensively. It’s pretty darned good!

As someone who purchased +$200 audiophile-grade headphones, the people complaining about ‘sound quality’ regarding a $20 mono speaker setup are just absolutely wrong. This speaker though not great by any measure is quite simply superb:

Let’s consider:

- The primary competition to these speakers are by iHome, Volcano, and Altec Lansing. The first two are relatively unknown in terms of what these brands bring to Audio fidelity, aside from iHome being some accessory iPod/iPhone manufacturer. Altec Lansing is a serious contender and rightly so, does the best in comparison — however something you must consider is the fact it requires AAA batteries. Do you seriously wanna worry about batteries on a road trip or in a situation where you think, “Hey I should bring my mini speaker with me!”. Do you seriously want to have to add, “BOY I BETTER LUG AROUND SOME AAA’s” to that mental checklist? There are better sounding portable speakers, but they come at cost that might end up more expensive than you’d hope for (less portability, additional maintenance cost).

- Bass: Anyone who implies Bass = Quality is just flat out wrong. Though I understand ‘sound quality’ for a lot of people is hard to quantify, it is generally understood that over-exaggeration of bass (or anything else) is terrible and that most audiophiles try shoot for accuracy for the music they listen to in their favorite buds, cans, or IEMs. In regard to the Music Bullet, it does neither of these things. You should not buy speakers or headphones just for MASSIVE BASS. Much like you would not buy a $20 portable speaker and expect superb quality. So for this, I’ve got to say that considering the size of the speaker, it handles bass quite decently. No rattling but not terribly deep or has any sort of depth. Significantly better than a cell phone speaker.

So just who is the Music Bullet for? If you’re not some pseudo-elitist chasing after the best sound quality you can in a portable, single speaker that costs $20, then the Music Bullet may be right for you. I use the Music Bullet at work when there is a lot downtime. I plug it into my cell phone and stream movies via a streaming service (Netflix) or just simply watch videos. Hell, sometimes I might even play some music. What I personally find as the greatest strengths of the Music Bullet is just how awesome it is. Seriously. It’s great because it runs on its own batteries meaning that my cell phone doesn’t have to power the speaker, thus, giving you more battery power in your cellphone to watch, and listen to videos/music respectively at greater lengths. Obviously if you’re on the go or just bored at work, you might just forget that you left the darn thing on. With other removable battery powered speakers, forgetting to turn off the speaker will mean either dead batteries and forking over more cash in addition to the entry fee of having bought the speaker. Not so with the Music Bullet! It’s freakin’ rechargeable! It’s great because it charges via a mini USB (type A) to USB cord. I dunno about you but my cellphone adapter allows me to switch USB cords so I can charge this baby so long as I remember to bring my cell phone charger — which is good because I NEVER forget to bring my cell phone charger on long outings, especially ones where i’d consider BRINGING A PORTABLE SPEAKER.

I love this thing because it’s portable, it plays my digital entertainment content on the go much louder than my built-in Motorola speakers in my Android phone. For those of you who aren’t already familiar: Motorola makes among the best and loudest speakers in the cell phone business. So the Music Bullet is a cheap AS SEEN ON TV product, true. But it plays aforementioned content in a louder, cost/energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing and worry-free package. If I wanted high quality sound, i’d plug in my IEM’s, or just plug it into a Hi-Fi system.

Set your expectations low and you might be surprised what the bullet can do for you icon wink Auto Draft I can’t comment on it’s reliability but i’m sure as heck not counting on it lasting ultra long. But i’m definitely loving this Bullet ’til it bites the dust.

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