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This review is from: An Idiot Abroad [UK import, region 2 PAL format] (DVD)

This might be, and with absolutely no hyperbole, the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. X-D

Without trying, completely spontaneous and genuinely insightful – our man Karl Pilkington is hands down the funniest guy living on Planet Earth today.

Certainly there have been moments – in my own life and those that come from the entertainment field – that have had me in tears, crying so hard from laughing. The first time I saw the late Sam Kinison, the moment when a friend ate his entire meal then discovered a fat cockroach at the bottom of his bowl, the combat/spear and hippo birth scenes in ‘Ace Ventura, When Nature Calls’. Moments that I’ll carry with me the rest of my life.

But this guy Karl – this guy is beyond humorous. He’s like the Dalai Lama of comedy, delivering the rawest, most truthful, insanely funny things ever uttered by man.

He’s added to my moments of hilarity by a hundred fold.

And to be fair, everyone who ‘gets’ this show, owes a debt to Ricky Gervais. Despite the fact that he’s a self-absorbed, cruel, arrogant smartass, the bottom line is: Without his efforts there would be no one outside of England who would understand, could possibly understand, the phenomenon of Karl Pilkington.

There is NO WAY any single post or review can adequately capture the essence of Karl – the purest laughs he creates. No way.

So I’ll say this: Watch, listen and be in awe.

I only wish there were a 17-star rating on Amazon.

UPDATE 6.1.11: Fans may or may not have heard that, despite years of protests and absolute refusals (remember his famous “nip it in the bud” scene in Peru), Karl has agreed to a second season of ‘An Idiot’. Tentatively called “The Bucket List”, it’s filming as I write this. And if you want to get an INSANELY HILARIOUS preview – check out the podcast found via several different download services. There’s no video, but Ricky plays a recorded phone message of our guy stuck in Alaska! I won’t say anymore. Check it out and I promise – you’ll end up crying it’s so funny. And it’s only a minute-and-a-half long! Can you imagine what it’ll be like as a full show?! X-D

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