Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Discounted Jawbone JAMBOX (Blue Wave) by Jawbone

Jawbone JAMBOX (Blue Wave)

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  • Wireless portable speaker in blue connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods, or any other Bluetooth device
  • Seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone, and conference calls anywhere
  • Two highly powerful acoustic drivers and ultra-small dome produce a wide audio spectrum
  • Can be updated with apps, software and new features via Jawbone’s MyTalk portal
  • Up to 10 hours of power from internal rechargeable battery

JAMBOX, the biggest sound. The smallest package. More Jam less Box: JAMBOX. It’s the best little Speaker you’ve ever heard. One device lets you listen to all of your favorite audio–music, podcasts, video, apps, games, and more–from any phone, music player, tablet, or laptop. Take JAMBOX with you wherever you want audio–from room to room in the home or while on the go. Free yourself from the clutter of big, dedicated speakers and the constraints of cables and docking stations. JAMBOX portability solves all of your listening needs in one small package. Experience big stereo sound and earth-shaking bass in the palm of your hand. Share calls on the go using JAMBOX as a portable speakerphone. It only gets better with time … Gets apps, software updates, and new functionality at: mytalk.jawbone.com.

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List Price: $ 199.99

Price: $ 179.99

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I originally wrote a review entitled, “Monstrously dissatisfied.” Out of the box, my Jawbone Jambox sounded horribly distorted when playing my laptop’s music. Before returning it I searched the web one more time to see if there was anything that could be my fault and found a useful thread called, “Terrible Sound Quality” (link below) on Jawbone’s site. There I discovered that my Apple MacBook Air had two different drivers and the wrong one was selected, not that I was prompted at any point in the installation by either Jawbone or Apple. I also read that no one knew how to select the right driver on my operating system, Snow Leopard 10.6. With a little poking around I figured it out and now I think the Jambox is behaving the way it’s supposed to.

I give the Jambox 4 stars because:
(a) it does a good job as a bluetooth speakerphone with my iPhone, improving a bit on the iPhone’s capacity to do that job itself. I used it in my hotel room while it was charging, right out of the box. It was a couple of feet away from me as I worked and I could hear the other parties clearly and they could hear me. Then again at a meeting in an office when a speakerphone was needed impromptu, I whipped it out and there was no fuss, just performance.
(b) As an external bluetooth speaker it provides fine quality – not superb – but, for its size it’s better than any of the other solutions I have purchased over the years. It’s handy to have no cords (a corded set of speakers by the same price would outperform the Jambox). However, it is wonderful to have this wireless box for both my iPhone and laptop when I work around the house (my home office), and I have even used it in the car enjoyably.

On another note, my 12 yr old just picked it up and took it downstairs to see how far it could travel from my laptop and still pump out the music. It was impressive. He made it all the way downstairs to the other side of our house before losing the connection.

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