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Buy Gasaraki Complete Series DVD Collection for only $44.99 w/ Review

Gasaraki Complete Series DVD Collection

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The flames of war are fanned in the Middle East, as two secretive forces unleash their latest weapons of mass destruction. But in a world where giant robots are real, the most dangerous weapon of all lies buried within a human mind. Yushiro, the fourth son of the mysterious and powerful Gowa family, finds himself at the center of events that may change the future of mankind forever! This special DVD set contains the complete 25-episode TV series housed in a single keepcase, and feature the previously released English-language dub, Japanese audio, and removable English subtitles and on-screen translations. On-disc extras will include the series’ multiple opening and closing sequences, plus behind-the-scenes footage. DVD Features: Scene access, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo for English and Japanese dialogue, removable English subtitles and English on-screen translations. PLUS: Clean openings, clean closings, behind the scenes, and Nozomi Entertainment trailers. Combining mecha and political i

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List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 44.99

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This review is from: X: The Complete Series (DVD)

15 year old Kamui returns to Tokyo after being gone for 6 years. His childhood friends Fuma and Kotori are very excited at his return, but are hurt and confused by his change in character. Rather than the kind and cheerful boy that they knew, Kamui is cold and quite. But Kamui has a reason to be moody – the day of reckoning is near and the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven will battle to decided the fate of humanity, and Kamui must pick a side to join.

This series is, in my opinion, CLAMP’s greatest masterpiece. X was the first CLAMP series I was introduced to, and has remained my favorite. To explain why this series is great, I have outlined the pros and cons below.

~Artwork – As with all CLAMP’s work, the artwork and character designs are detailed and beautiful. Some of the characters look very similar to other CLAMP characters, but some are completely unique to X. Some of the imagery is very impressive, and with a wide range of characters (the Dragons alone add up to 14) and a wide range of situations leads to a wide range of different types of scenes that show CLAMP’s creativity and imagination.
~Music – The music for this show is some of the best I’ve heard in any screen production. The main theme, Destiny, is very memorable and beautiful. I bought the soundtrack and Destiny is one of my top played songs, despite being instrumental.
~Story and Characters – X boasts a complicated story with complex characters. The cast of characters is large and many of them have their own story to contribute. The interactions between the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven are quite realistic – even the people wishing for the destruction of humanity are only human themselves and this especially evident when they encounter someone from the opposite side.

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