Sunday, December 11, 2011

Discounted The Walking Dead Board Game with Review (5 Stars)

The Walking Dead Board Game

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  • For 2 to 4 players
  • 60 minutes of playtime
  • In The Walking Dead Board Game, based on the AMC television program of the same name, you can play as survivors or zombies
  • Create unexpected alliances to get back to camp alive, blasting zombies with shotguns or crossbows

In The Walking Dead Board game, only the strong survive. The weak turn into walkers, and then turn against their former friends! Fight your way through zombie-infested Atlanta with your fellow survivors. Grab some weapons to clear a path. Visit destinations like the department store, old folk’s home, and the CDC. Find the tools you’ll need to live another day. Take on the role of Rick, Andrea, or one of the other hapless survivors and scrounge for sweet weapons like a Shotgun or Crossbow. Keep your eyes open for new allies, but watch your back! When supplies start running low, it’s every man for himself. If you can make it back to camp with enough gear to defend yourself and those you still care for, you win! Should you fall to the hungry horde of walkers, the game doesn’t end. When a player dies and becomes a walker, they leave the world of the living behind and seek out the remaining survivors. Spring surprise attacks on the living, cause the walkers to frenzy, or contaminate the sur

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List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 29.99


This review is from: The Walking Dead Board Game (Toy)

The first thing that hits me, is that it contains this cool playmat instead of the boring cardboard other games have. This alone let it stand out to all the other games. But after I played it I came to recognize how much thought went into this game.

1) The players have limited resources. When they are all up, they can’t get more. This gives tension and makes every encounter with a zombie count, as you can’t throw out all your cards at once, as you have no chance otherwise.
2) The game is constantly hard. No build up and working to an final encounter. The hardest zombies can come up in the first round and they stay this way till the end. It get’s even harder due to the limited resources and due to the fact that…
3) Players who run out of red-shirt allies get turned into zombies themselves and try to stop the remaining players. So no sitting next to the others and waiting that the game finishes. And team Zombie can even still win the game. That’s an amazing part, as it allows me to win the game at the end with a different objective than at the start of the game.

Although this game has a lot of cooperative elements, in the end you still try to be the one who comes out victorious over the others. I had a blast playing this game.

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