Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad by Griffin Technology

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad

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  • Wireless universal remote control uses Bluetooth
  • Use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as remote control for your TV, stereo, and other home entertainment components
  • For use with Dijit’s Universal Remote app, a free download from the App Store
  • Uses a constantly updated device code library and integrated learning feature to make setup simple and intuitive
  • No dongles, wires or power cables; runs up to two months on 4 AA batteries

Universal AV controller for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad becomes the easy-to-use, never-lost remote your home entertainment center has been waiting for. Your entertainment system expects a remote control to speak to it via infrared signals. Your iOS device speaks Bluetooth. Beacon acts as a bridge between them. Imagine being able to control your TV or stereo using your always-handy iPhone. Or your iPod touch. Or your iPad. Beacon pairs with your iOS device via Bluetooth and works with Dijit’s Universal Remote App to put complete control of your home entertainment center in the palm of your hand. There are no bulky cases or dongles, no wires or cables. Control your home entertainment system using the Universal Remote App on your Multi-Touch display. Setup is quick and easy. The Dijit app uses a library of constantly updated device codes to simplify setup for your TV, set-top box, sound system, media players and more. There’s even an integrated learning featur

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List Price: $ 69.99

Price: $ 69.99

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This product is great and the software is fantastic.

This product saves people from having to spend 10k on ‘solutions’ from dinosaur HT companies like Crestron to get outdated giant brick remotes to control all their HT devices; usually on a equipment rack inside a closet. Using a tablet is the future of remotes. It’s no wonder this device is consistently sold out because all the HT installers are gobbling them up.

On the downside, there were just a few situations where I lost blue-tooth synchronization and others where I had to bring my beacon back from sleep by touching the top button.

Overall, great product.

Other notes:


Please add haptic options so the IPAD and iphone vibration features can work when pressing a button. This is major missing feature and these IOS devices have this function built-in; might as well use them.

Please create the ability to temporarily remove the swipe un-lock from my IOS device if it went to sleep with DIJIT running. I hate having to unlock my device every time just to hit mute or change a channel. I should just have to touch the screen to bring it back to life and then push the GUI button.

Please add Playstation 3 support, the IOS device already has blue-tooth, this is major limitation; especially since I can control all my other consoles.

To Griffin

Please add an AC adapter option, this ‘AA’ requirement is not good considering how much time is spent watching TV and movies. Having blue-tooth running all the time can’t be good. I would be surprised if I got the claimed 2 months battery life, which doesn’t seem that long anyway. Let’s not add to the landfill problem. I should be able to install this device in a rack and never think about it. Every time I go into my movie room, I have to change the batteries on this thing, ridiculous. I may jury-rig the battery terminals to a same-spec wall-wort to avoid this issue.

Please add a firmware update connection on the beacon. I can’t believe there are no bugs with this device, unless all this is just a dumb repeater.

Please allow changing of the sleep timer to 4 hours, instead of 60 minutes. Most movies are over 60 minutes and I hate having to bring my unit out of sleep mode.

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