Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pre Order Pearl Jam Twenty [Blu-ray] (2012) with Review

Pearl Jam Twenty [Blu-ray] (2012)

This review is from: Pearl Jam Twenty (DVD)

I was so deeply moved and enjoyed many great laughs. Not only is this an awesome compilation of Pearl Jam’s music, the thoughtful film editing also allows us to yield to the full length and emotion of some songs. I felt as if I was reliving those electrifying, life-affirming concerts and reliving my youth with every period that was being presented. And now, admittedly, rather shocked at the passing of time, I hope that we’ll all still be around for 2 x 20 years more of love of this music. Thank you Cameron Crowe and Pearl Jam for this heartfelt intimate experience.


This review is from: Pearl Jam Twenty (DVD)

The Cameron Crow documentary captures the intensity of Pearl Jam in the early years, along with the explosion of the Seattle scene. Crows creation is fluid and the editing is creative and visually stunning. The film clearly depicts Pearl Jam’s relationship and contribution to other bands from the early ’90s. The viewer gets to know all of the original members of the band, their personalities and artistic contributions. The film does an excellent job of explaining how and why Pearl Jam survived for 20 years. As a life long Pearl Jam fan, I have to admit there were a few events in the film that I did not know about. The film is full of different emotions and I laughed more then I thought I would. Overall, a must see for anyone who grew up listening to Pearl Jam.

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