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Top 4 Celeb-Endorsed Headphones Tested and Rated

AKG Q460GRN Quincy Jones Signature On-Ear Headphone (Green)

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  • Closed Back Headphone Design with Unique 3D Axis 2 mechanism to fold headphones completely flat
  • I-Phone Compatible, in-Line Microphone and Remote Control
  • Gold Plated Jack Plug and contacts.
  • Single Sided Detachable cable, 99.99% Oxygen Free Cable, Super Soft Ear Pads, Detachable cable(two lengths included)
  • Detachable Cable (2 lengths), Gold Plated Jack Plug & contacts.
  • Closed Back Headphone Design with Unique 3D Axis 2 mechanism to fold headphones completely flat.
  • Detatchable Cable (2 lengths)

Signature Edition Q460 mini headphones will connect you to your favorite music from virtually any portable player and with all the dynamics you expect – and Quincy Jones demands – from AKG products. Q460s are the perfect partner for use with smartphones, allowing you to make and receive calls from any portable phone. Plus, they work seamlessly with iPhone devices. With their ingenious three-button remote, Q460s can control the music playback functions (play, pause or skip tracks). They also come standard with an in-line microphone that works with any and all mobile phones. Designed for long hours of comfortable use, the Q460s fold flat for easy portability and feature a detachable, single-sided cable in two different lengths. We don't think you'll find a livelier, more accommodating traveling companion.

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List Price: $ 229.00

Price: $ 87.00

Monster Cable MH BTS-P OE DTX UN Beats Pro Special Edition Detox Professional Headphones (Black)

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  • Acoustically tuned by professionals for use in recording studios, performance venues, and clubs
  • Patent pending input/output feature lets you daisy-chain headphones and share mixes
  • Plush ear cushions for ultra comfortable listening and superior passive sound isolation
  • Rugged metal construction ensures durability, resists vibrations, and keeps music free of unwanted artifacts
  • Unique flip-up ear cups allow for easy monitoring of outside environment
  • Unique flip up ear cups allow for easy monitoring of outside environment

Limited Pro-tuned Over-Ear – All Black

buynow big Top 4 Celeb Endorsed Headphones Tested and Rated

List Price: $ 599.95

Price: $ 448.33

Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator Headset w/ Microphone – Black S6AVDM-003

41afXbnIAjL. SL160  Top 4 Celeb Endorsed Headphones Tested and Rated

  • Speaker Diameter – 40mm
  • Driver Type – Mylar
  • Magnet Type – Neodymium
  • Frequency Response – 20-20k Hz
  • Impedance – 65 ohms

Music and entertainment company Roc Nation has joined forces with audio equipment and headphone manufacturer Skullcandy in what both companies view is a major coup in the personal audio market. The joint venture has already released its first product, the new Aviator headphones. The headphones feature polycarbonate headphone cups, ear cushions made of memory foam, and the finest metals and other materials normally seen in high-end fashion. Throw in state-of-the-art electronic components and the Aviator promises to change the way we listen to music.

With an integrated mic, the Aviator is suited for gaming, iPad and iPhone use, and other multimedia experiences. The inimitable Skullcandy sound delivers richness and depth for true-to-life realism.

This cool looking headset provides platinum quality sound with contour fitting for your head and is constructed from a variety of strong materials such as stainless steel and polycarbonate. The speakers (drivers) are 40mm and its

buynow big Top 4 Celeb Endorsed Headphones Tested and Rated

List Price: $ 149.99

Price: $ 139.99

SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB High-Definition On-Ear Headphones (Black/Chrome)

315uBcrs8pL. SL160  Top 4 Celeb Endorsed Headphones Tested and Rated

  • Advanced Driver and Circuitry Design for Superb Bass, Clear Mids and Highs, Creates High-Precision Audio Balance
  • iPhone Ready: Compatible with iPhone 4G and 3GS, iPad and iPod
  • Full Ear Cup Articulation Ensures the Best and Most Comfortable Fit Every Time
  • Tangle-Resistant Cable for Easy Cable Management
  • Protective Road Case for Convenience and Storage

Ready to take you from the DJ booth to the skyways with high performance sound, the SL150 is a sleek and comfortable option for any professional or avid music lover looking for a powerful and precise audio mix experience on the go.

buynow big Top 4 Celeb Endorsed Headphones Tested and Rated

List Price: $ 249.99

Price: $ 199.95


This review is from: AKG Q460GRN Quincy Jones Signature On-Ear Headphone (Green) (Electronics)

I love these headphones! Right out of the box, you’ll notice the mids and bass are strong–the highs take a bit to burn-in. Once everything is conditioned though, they’re unbeatable in their category.

I was looking for something between earbuds and cans. I already own a pair of Sony MDR-7506 Studio Monitor headphones, which in my opinion, are the benchmark for cans in the $100 price range, and a pair of Klipsch Image S4 earbuds, which are above average in the $80 range.

The Q460′s are extremely comfortable, and are a bit smaller than a Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB headset. I plugged them into my mp3 player first, and they blew away the Klipsch buds for mids and bass–they actually improved the sound of my mp3s, and put out a huge, ear-engulfing sound–surprising power for their size. My Sony cans chew up/spit out mp3s, and expose all the limitations of a compressed music file. The Q460s work around those limitations nicely.

I then plugged them into my CD player, and they replicated all the dynamics/highs/mids/lows that my Sonys do–I wasn’t missing anything. As for the cord, the remote does not work on my Samsung Captivate phone, or my older iPod. I’m guessing it will work with newer iPods/iPhones. both of the included cords (remote, and non-remote) are very short, which I actually like. My Klipsch buds have a cord that’s too long, and the Sony cord is too heavy–both limit my movement. the Q460s are a nice length if you’re active.

Overall, the size, sound, quality build, cool color, Quincy Jones endorsement, and reputable audio manufacturer (AKG) make these a solid purchase. Just for fun, listen to Quincy’s “Sanford & Son” theme song on the Q460s–it sounds fantastic, as it should!



This review is from: Monster Cable MH BTS-P OE DTX UN Beats Pro Special Edition Detox Professional Headphones (Black) (Electronics)

If an extra $100 for paint is not important to you, and you like your headphones all black, get these. There’s not much to say about them that hasn’t been said in the numerous other reviews of the non-limited edition versions. They’re rock solid, bass heavy, and tight fitting. Random thoughts follow:

I find them tight, but in a very comfortable kind of way on my 7-3/4 head.
I wish that the headband height adjustment “clicked” instead of the half slide/half click action that mine have.
The painted “Dr. Dre Detox” design on top looks cheap and ugly, in my opinion.

I’ve read that some find these to be sonically similar to the Beats Studio. I find the Studios to be very clear and well balanced throughout their frequency range, not boomy or bass heavy as others say. I consider the Pros to be kind of bass heavy. They feel “strong”, if that makes any sense. They sound crisp with “Electronic” EQ setting on my ipod touch. On my Zune, I leave the EQ setting on “Pop” or “None”.

Great headphones.. a little expensive. Physically, their durability is unmatched in my experience. I have to deduct one star because the cloth bag is a joke. For five bills, failing to include even a half decent case is inexcusable.



This review is from: Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator Headset w/ Microphone – Black S6AVDM-003 (Electronics)

We’ve got a lot of headphones in our house. Klipsch in-ear, Beats by Dr Dre (both the HD and the standard Beats) as well as the Marshall over the ear headphones. That’s a lot of headphones! Of all of them, I like the Skull Candy RocNation Aviators the best. I spent about an hour in the store plugging every brand into my iphone and trying different songs. It’s amazing to hear the difference between each headset based on the type of music. I was very close to purchasing the newest AudioTechnica (red) headphones but comparing them to the Aviator’s I ended up finding them too bright (sound). I like the Beats HD, but they are really made for hip hop and bass heavy music and lose a lot of the mid range for acoustic music. Also, my son’s Beats HD have broken twice. Beats service was very good and replaced them with no questions but still a hassle. The Skullcandy Aviators are very sturdy and they are large enough around the ear that they do not pinch or hurt at all. They are very comfortable. They are much more comfortable than the Marshall headphones which I have found to be too small for an over the ear headphone. The sound is excellent. They really shine on hip hop and rap similar to the Beats, but they are also very good with acoustic and classical music. They do an outstanding job of blocking out external sound even though they are not noise canceling. I tried the Bose and Sony noise cancellation headphones and they did a great job of blocking out external sounds, but a lousy job reproducing music. The skullcandy did a great job of both. While these headphones are definitely not my style (skull emblem on side is a little too much for me), the clear view plastic that allows you to see the inside of the speakers is pretty cool. Otherwise, I’d say I like the style of the Beats or the Ludacris headphones better. But I got these for performance, and after considerable time testing, and benchmarking against the many headsets we have at home, these are the best, hands down. I also like the Klipsch in ear headphones but I find that I can’t wear in ear headphones for extended periods (they start to hurt), and the range of sound, particularly bass, simply can’t compare to an over the ear set like the skullcandy.

FYI, I listen to a wide range of music from pop, to rock to classical and acoustic. I needed headphones that had good range for all of these genres. Also, my kids (8, 11 and 14), who mostly listen to pop and hip hop like these headphones as well. I’m not sure they’re willing to admit that they’re better than Dre’s Beats, but the smirks on their faces while they were demo’g them at home said it all.

One issue with these phones is that I have found I need to have the volume fired up pretty high to get good volume in my ears. Maybe I’m getting old…

Really happy with this purchase. Excellent performing headphones.



This review is from: SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB High-Definition On-Ear Headphones (Black/Chrome) (Electronics)

i was excited to be able to review headphones. I have never treated myself to a good pair and just did not know what I was missing.

Of course the first thing I noticed was the case. I was impressed. It is strong, sturdy and very professional looking. You know when they are in there they are safe. Now about the headphones……I love these headphones! Everyone, in my family loves these headphones and sneak into my computer room and try to take them. I might have to lock them up when they are not in use. That says a lot for a product.

The sound quality is suburb, crisp and clear, and they are stylish. I like to use them with my computer, because I can wear them for hours and they still feel comfortable. They come with an adapter and two cables, one of which has an in line controller. I do not have an IPOD or I PHONE but they work very well with my DROID. If you love music, these headphones are a must. I do believe I will be getting a second pair for the family to use or I may lose these forever. Very good product.

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