Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 10 Electric Food Steamer Review

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6-Quart Food Steamer

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  • 2-Tiered 6-quart capacity steamer creates instant steam for preparing all kinds of food
  • Delay cooking up to 12-hours; LCD display with 95-minute timer; auto keep-warm setting
  • External water-fill system with see-through reservoir; fully collapsible steaming trays
  • Includes 3.8-quart and 2.3-quart steaming bowl, plus 8 egg holders for soft-or hard-cooked eggs
  • Measures approximately 14 by 9-1/2 by 10-inch

Oster’s tiered food steamer is equipped with instant steam so you can start cooking immediately. It has a combined, 6-qt. capacity (3.8-qt. and 2.3-qt. bowls) and comes with fully collapsible steaming trays for easy cleaning. The large bowl includes eight egg holders for making soft or hard cooked eggs. It also has an external water fill system with a see-through reservoir: monitor the water level and you’ll never run out of steam. The LCD display has a 95-minute timer. Cooking can be delayed for up to 12 hours, and with the Keep Warm setting, your food will stay warm while you prepare the rest of the meal. About Oster… in 1946, the first Osterizer?? Blender was introduced to kitchens across America. With its popularity came new products: the portable mixer, deep fryer, meat grinder and citrus juicer, each offering ease and convenience to people’s busier than ever lifestyles. Does not use BPA free Plastic.

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List Price: $ 44.99

Price: $ 35.00

Secura 3-Tier 6-Quart Stainless Steel Electric Food Cooker Rice Steamer, w/ Steam360 technology S-324

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  • Stainless steel steam basket preserves the original flavor of the food and nutrients, along with being safe to cook with.
  • 3 tier 6 quart, removable steam basket, easy to cook in and serve from, and is dishwasher safe for cleaning.
  • Use hot or cold tap water, generates steam in less than 15 seconds, letting food to start cooking immediately, automatically shuts off if the water gets too low.
  • Cooks variety of food in the three steam baskets at the same time without the undesirable mixing of flavors.
  • 1000Watts heating power, cooks entire meal within 30 minutes. Model # S-324.

Package includes: Steamer base, 3 steam basket sets, see through lid, heater cap.

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List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 65.95

Black & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer with Flavor Scenter Screen

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  • Food steamer and rice cooker for healthy meals in minutes
  • 4-quart steam basket; 5-cup rice bowl; built-in egg holder; drip tray
  • 75-minute timer with auto shut-off and signal; external water-fill inlet
  • Built-in flavor-scenter screen for flavoring foods with herbs and spices
  • Measures approximately 12-1/5 by 9-1/5 by 10-2/5 inches

Steamers are a healthy, convenient way to fix vegetables, rice seafood and more. Fill with water, wine, juice, or broth; place herbs or spices in the Flavor Scenter; add food; and set the timer. Your deliciously steamed food is ready when the bell rings.

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List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 22.45

Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamer

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  • Generates steam in less than a minute, letting cooking start immediately
  • Double-tiered 6.1-quart total capacity holds a variety of foods.
  • 75-Minute timer, Auto Shut-Off setting for safety
  • See-through external reservoir helps to ensure steady steaming
  • 3-4/5-Quart and 2-3/10-quart steaming bowls, collapsible steaming trays; includes 8 egg holders

Make healthy meals hassle-free with the Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamer. With instant steam, you can start cooking and steaming any food immediately in this double-tiered 6.1-quart capacity steamer. The steaming trays are collapsible, making cleaning easy.

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List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 35.00

Black & Decker HS1050 7-Quart Food Steamer

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  • Versatile 7-quart food steamer for easy, healthy food preparation
  • 4-quart basket, 3-quart basket, 5-cup rice bowl, and 12-egg nesting basket
  • Water window; external water-fill inlet; 75-minute timer with “ready” bell
  • Flavor Scenter screen for spices or herbs included
  • Measures approximately 9-1/5 by 10-3/5 by 12-1/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Steamers are healthy, convenient way to fix vegetables, rice, seafood and more. Fill with water, wine, juice, or broth; place herbs or spices in the flavor scenter; add food; and set the timer. Your deliciously steamed food is ready when the bell rings.

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List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 28.99

Nesco 4-Quart Food Steamer, Black

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  • Two Tray Electric Steamer
  • 4 Quart Capacity
  • 400-watts power
  • 60-minute timer with auto shut-off
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe

Improve your health by steaming your food. Steaming helps retain valuable nutrients that are often “cooked out” by other cooking methods. The NESCO ST-24P 4qt Food Steamer not only improves your health by steaming your food but you can feel comfortable knowing it is made of BPA free plastic. The ST-24P has a 4 Quart capacity and 400 Watts of Power to steam in an hour or less. It features a timer that goes from 0 to 60 minutes and an automatic shut-off when the water tank is empty. The ST-24P has a black base with two clear trays and a clear lid with trays and lid being dishwasher safe. Trays are break resistant and have indentions for soft or hardboiling eggs. You can cook all types of food including grains, vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat and poultry.

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List Price: $ 26.99

Price: $ 19.39

Deni 7550 Digital Food Steamer

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  • Programmable for easy and convenient healthy cooking
  • Steaming retains 50% more vitamins and nutrients than boiling
  • Digital timer control
  • Automatic keep warm function
  • Turbo steam function begins cooking in seconds

Streaming is a healthy and easy way to prepare a variety of foods. The Deni food steamer does it all from steaming vegetables, rice, seafood and meats to hard boiling and poaching eggs. It’s equipped with a digital timer, LCD display and exterior water level indicator, so food will be steamed just perfect every time. Its large 9 quart capacity and removable bases allow for ease in steaming larger items.

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List Price: $ 87.99

Price: $ 32.54

Black & Decker HS900 Flavor Scenter Steamer Plus

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  • Family-size 4-qt. (3.8 L) bowl.
  • Divider to steam 2 foods at once. Wholesome cooking no added fats/calories.

Features: Steams fish easily. Built-in flavor scenter screen. Family-size 4-qt. (3.8 L) bowl. 75-Minute timer with auto-off. Divider to steam 2 foods at once. Wholesome cooking Â- no added fats/calories.

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List Price: $ 52.99

Price: $ 52.99

Rival FSD201 8-Quart Digital Food Steamer

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  • Electronic double-decker 8-quart oval food steamer with transparent water-level indicator
  • Adjustable 60-minute timer with digital time display and audible timer tones
  • Removable middle divider maximizes capacity; rapid-steam function; easy-grip handles
  • Includes 2 transparent steaming bowls, rice bowl, and juice-catching tray
  • Measures 14-1/2 by 10 by 10-1/2 inches

Rival 8 Qt. Digital Food Steamer

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List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 36.99

Emerilware VS4001002 9-1/2-Liter Steamer by T-Fal

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  • 1500-watt steamer with 9-1/2-liter food capacity and 6-1/2-liter cooking bowl
  • 2 2-1/2-liter stainless-steel baskets for cooking 2 different foods at one time
  • Reversible nonstick cooking plate; 1-1/2-liter rice bowl; juice-collector tray
  • Water-filling inlet; timer; auto shut-off; keep-warm setting; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 16 by 8 by 13 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Emerilware Steamer by T-fal is a full meal preparation machine. The steamer features a family size 40 cup total capacity, 2 stainless steel steaming baskets, a reversible non-stick cooking plate, a keep warm function, and a high 1500 watts of power. The unit also has a unique Turbo Boost function which allows for high-speed steaming which helps maintains vital nutrients in the food. Also equipped with an exterior water filling inlet, rice bowl for steaming rice, and a 60 minute timer with auto-shut off.

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List Price: $ 109.99

Price: $ 69.99


This review is from: Secura 3-Tier 6-Quart Stainless Steel Electric Food Cooker Rice Steamer, w/ Steam360 technology S-324

I was waiting for more of you to review this steamer but then I was too curious to wait. We have really loved our Oster steamer but we are severly uncomfortable with the plastic components. I have been looking for over a year for another steamer that is BPA free/plastic free. The steamer arrived yesterday and we tried it out right away. I filled it with warm/hot tap water, and it steamed beautifully. The stainless steel bowls are neat. We bought this as an “intermediary” device until more healthy steamers come on the market. They could have added a few things to make this steamer perfect: water tank for 90 min. steaming; ability to add water while steaming; timer that allows steaming at future time; Keeping warm component – basically stuff that I liked about our Oster steamer. Also, while the water basket is stainless steel, there is a hard plastic component that goes around the heating element – I have no idea what plastic it is or whether it is BPA free – and if BPA could leak into the steam and contaminate our food. I hope not.

A very cool advantage of this steamer, besides the stainless steel bowls, is that each basket gets its own steam – so e.g. the thai dumpling steam does not flavor the broccoli. Also the stainless steel bowls are easy to wash. Our Oster plastic bowls were hard to clean around the steam holes and the plastic took on weird colors that would not come off.

Update: okay, we are sold – we love this steamer; it steams really fast (it is powerful), I made rice and it worked out perfectly (I tried to make rice with the Oster once – it was a met mess) in the time they indicated (brown rice, 50 min), and I realize that I can now season my food. With the Oster, only the rice bowl was solid, everything else you could not add anything to it. Today I made the rice, when it was almost done, I added a second level for veggies seasoned with herbs and olive oil – just wonderful. Our old rice-cooker is gong to good will. I think this is all we need.


This review is from: Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6-Quart Food Steamer (Kitchen)

I saw this steamer in an ad in Runner’s World and just had to have it. Since going on the South Beach Diet, I’ve upped my intake of eggs, fish, chicken, and vegetables tremendously. And because I live an extremely active lifestyle, I never have time to wait for things to thaw before cooking. I was defrosting frozen meat and nuking scrambled eggs and frozen vegetables in the microwave everyday when I did some reading and found out that microwaving destroys over 90% of the healthy vitamins and nutrients in foods. Researchers have found that steaming is the best way to preserve nutrients if you have to cook a food.

This steamer gets the job done better than I’d ever hoped. While it does take a little longer to cook with steam than in the microwave or on the stovetop (add 5-15 minutes of cook time), it is a more hassle-free way to prepare food. You don’t have to constantly check your food to see if its burning or stir it. No more exploding eggs in the microwave or rice stuck to the bottom of the pan. Just load it up, set the timer, and leave it to cook. For example, I stuck a couple of frozen chicken breasts and a cup of brown rice in, set for 45 minutes, and left to do something else. Halfway through I poured in frozen vegetables and seasoned the chicken and rice. The chicken cooked through perfectly, the vegetables were tender, and the rice was perfect. Hard boiled eggs are easy too.

Clean up afterwards was a breeze. The plastic containers are easy to wash off, but the drip pan fills up quickly and when full is hard to get to the sink to pour out without spilling. Cooking directions and times are approximate, so there is some trial and error involved. But since I love it so far, I will definitely be using it several times a week and get lots of practice. I highly recommend.


This review is from: Emerilware VS4001002 9-1/2-Liter Steamer by T-Fal (Kitchen)

Having purchased (and thoroughly used!) several steamers previously I knew what I wanted and what I did not want. The Emerilware offered metal steaming bowls and a quick, constant steam feature. I found the metal preferable to the common plastic steamer trays since metal is easier to keep clean & doesn’t crack and break like the plastic trays do. The unit has a larger “footprint” than other units but I had no problem adapting to it. I found the operating instructions easy & food quality is consistently good. I would recommend this unit to anyone who intends on using a steamer on a regular basis. It holds up!

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