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Pre Order Cheap Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga For Beginners

Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga For Beginners

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Yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress, increase strength, tone muscle, cultivate flexibility, and improve overall health. Filmed on a lush, tranquil location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, these two 30-minute programs offer great variety for your practice. The Hatha session will relieve stress, increase flexibility and recharge circulation as it guides you step-by-step through a breakdown of static poses using the strap, belt or towel to aid in stretching. The Flow session will build strength and stamina by taking postures from Ashtanga yoga and sequencing them into a simple, natural flow that aids in weight loss, tones muscle, improves balance and calms mental focus. These two diverse programs may be practiced individually but are also perfect to complement each other in the same day. Enjoy both sessions as they create breath awareness and foster clarity between your mind, body and spirit to help you realize your optimal potential.
About the instructor:
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buynow big Pre Order Cheap Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga For Beginners

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 14.98


This review is from: Element Hatha & Flow Yoga For Beginners With Yoga Strap Kit (DVD)

If you are new to yoga and are looking for an at-home DVD, then you will love “Element Hatha & Flow, Yoga for Beginners” with yogi Tamal Dodge. The routines Tamal uses are geared for beginners for sure, but could be used as a nice, contemplative alternative for more seasoned yoga students as well. Tamal’s calm demeanor and conscious approach enhance the flow of asanas that are both easy to grasp and also challenge you to listen to your body to find your own place to deepen each pose. As a yoga beginner, I was sometimes confused by the names of poses and found certain DVDs hard to follow. Not so with Tamal’s instruction. Every movement and pose is very clear and easy to follow. This DVD is really well done. I highly recommend it!


This DVD is like water to my soul. There are lots of DVDs out there but not many that start at the ground and work their way up. It makes a beginner at yoga feel like they can conquer this already vastly growing sport and spiritual practice. The DVD gives anyone all the tools needed to not only start their own individualized yoga journey but to have the confidents to learn new elements of yoga. It is a great DVD with amazing fundamentals that even advance practitioners could benefit from. HIGH RECOMMENDED!


Aloha & Namaste! I just received my kit today and absolutely love Tamal’s approach for beginners such as myself. I am “50+” in age and I find Tamal’s instruction so easy, peaceful and inspiring! It is perfect for any age and makes great birthday or holiday gifts for loved ones. The yoga strap is a nice touch and gift to his viewers. I especially love how he explains in detail the importance of breathing and he explains each step in detail. Tamal’s voice and gentleness projects to the audience his love for this practice. Thanks to Tamal, I can now learn in the comfort of my home with ease, simplicity and confidence and I know that through daily practice, Tamal’s yoga will be added to my lifestyle of ‘spiritual’ practice. I love the music and the beautiful landscape. The colors are inviting! The photography is exquisite and adds a calm and serene effect with the different panning of scenes. I hope that Tamal continues to create a series of DVD instructions so that beginners can progress and grow along with Tamal. Thank you so much Tamal for this beautiful project. Mahalo!

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